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"Finch Billet Dual Overflow Canister"
Are you tired of being black flagged for dumping fuel in hard turns, or dealing with fuel odors from your hotrod or custom? If so the answer is here with our billet overflow canisters. The tanks are cut from solid billet and allow the venting of 2 systems within the same unit. They are designed to mount directly to the trunk floor, but can also be remote mounted higher in the trunk if needed. Comes with a laser cut drill template and mounting screws, accepts any NPT fitting to allow for a variety of plumbing options.

Billet Shifter Ring Options
Finish Option
"Finch Billet Shifter Ring and Boot Assembly"

The 6 X 9 version is  oversized to fix the common issue of a mutilated shifter opening caused by 30 plus years of sheet metal screws and are large enough to allow the removal of most 4,5,& 6 speed shifter assemblies from inside the vehicle to aid in transmission removal. We also now have the new 5 inch version in stock and a smaller 4 X 6 version coming Jan 1

These are machined from billet aluminum and come with a laser cut weld in mounting ring to trim out your transmission tunnel, a custom sewn boot, and stainless button head screws.
These are available in 3 finish options of Black anodized, Clear anodized and  our new Black Diamond.

"Finch Aluminum Toe Plates"

Toe Plates to make checking and setting your toe at the track or your garage easy and a one man job. These are designed so that they will set against the wheel on their own and have a cutout at the bottom to acomodate the buldge from where the tire makes contact on the surface. This slight bulge can cause inaccurate measurements when using the common flat toe plate.
These are $95 for the pair plus shipping


"LS Inline Steam Port Adapters"

These adapters solve the issue of where to connect the steam port when swapping in an LS engine to your car. They come in 1 X 1 and 1 X 1 straight sizes and a special 1 to 1 version for adapting for custom fitment. They come black anodized and the port is drilled and tapped for any 1/8 NPT fitting. These are a quality piece and are at home in any engine compartment.

We are pleased to announce that our matching shifter handles  for  the popular Billet Shifter Ring assemblies are now available . These come in angled versions, in 6, 8, 10,  and 12 inch lengths,  as well as 8 inch straight and  are available in black or clear anodized. All shifter handles will come with both a centering and offset slug to allow for approx 1 inch of angle change for that perfect fit.
Breather tank 2
Breather tank
Build Updates
I am pleased to announce the latest  Finch project named Mus-Take. It is a play on words since I know some people will not like the combination of the old and new and will say I am making a Mus-Take.This is a vision I have had in my head for the past couple of years, and thanks to Eric Brockmeyer, was able to capture it and get it on paper to aid in making it into a real car. This build will be both show and go combined into a single package highlighting all the top go fast companies in the country.

We have already teamed up with great companies like Detroit Speed and Engineering to make it turn, Baer Brakes to make it stop, Ford Racing to make it go (Real Fast), Centerforce to transfer the power towards the rear, Forgeline Wheels and BFGoodrich Tires to get all the above to the pavement, AFCO Racing to keep all things cool during the chaos, JRI Shocks to keep things under control when all hell breaks loose, and Vintage Air to keep the loose nut behind the wheel comfortable.

This build will be featured on Pro-Touring.com, as well some ink and a full feature once complete by Rob Kinnan of Mustang Monthly. Still looking for lots of other parts so drop me a note if you would like to be part of this mission at
brian@hotrodtransformations.com <mailto:brian@hotrodtransformations.com>

This car will be competing at events later in the year then off to SEMA. It  will be shown no mercy as with all my cars. The end goal will be to offer this vehictle as a turnkey option with choice of color, wheels, horsepower levels etc. If this is something you would be interested in drop me a note and we can tailor one to your needs.
Check out our latest project here at Finch Performance
Just released is the new Finch Billet Firewall plate for 1st and 2nd gen camaro's. These plates cover up the factory opening on non factory A/C cars and add that custom one off look at a fraction of the price. No welding is required to install these and all mounting hardware is included.  The plates are available in clear and black anodized finish and feature mounting holes for Vintage Air bulkhead fittings which are available for an additional charge. Bulkhead head delete versions are available but will require longer lead times.
Billet Firewall Plate
Finish Options
Billet Shifter Type
Finish Option
Shift Pattern
We now have the final piece to complete out our shifter boot and handles. These custom billet knobs are offered in a black anodized that has been reverse machined as well as clear anodized.  The 6 speed Tremec version is first out, but we can do 4 and 5 speed versions as well,. Those will require some lead time for the first run of that option. They come with a 3/8 stud and jam nut for proper indexing.
Billet Shifter Knob
Billet Shifter Handle
New C5 Corvette Gen II Knob
Drift Brake Assembly
Are professional Drifter or someone wanting a little excitement out of your daily driver this new Finch Performance Part is for you. This Billet Handbrake assembly can be used in series with your current rear brake calipers or stand alone with a second set of calipers for independent use . Finish options include both Black and Clear Anodized and we can also complete out the assembly for you with  a Wilwood GS compact remote master and proper 3AN adapters for easy plumbing of the unit.
Assembly Options
Finish Option
Introducing the new CX-R line of suspension products from Finch Performance Racing. Below you will find some details on the complete control arm swap kit for C5 and C6 Corvettes. This kit was developed under a collaboration between the great engineering minds at Fab-Worx and Finch Performance. This kit will replace your stock upper and lower control arms both front and rear, stock monoleafs, and shocks. This can be installed in hours with basic hand tools so no cutting or welding required. Please call Tyler or Mike below or hit any of us up on the web or via e-mail below for more information or to place orders.
* 20 lbs weight savings over stock suspension

* Strong Lightweight DOM Construction fully Tig Welded

* Additional Caster adjustment with front uppers

* Increased clearance for offset wheels. Clears 315 on 18X11 wheel

* Utilizes standard 8 inch x 2.5 inch coil springs

* Strong brushed Nickel Plated finish

* Servicable and Adjustable racing lower ball joints

* Accepts most standard double shear mount shocks

* Single and Double adjustable Penske and JRI options available

* Nascar style Mono Ball ends for zero bind through entire range

* Maintains full stock alignment capability with no binding as seen with Delrin